Beam Expo
ALDERIGROUP Sole Agent Of TÜYAP Fair Organization

food products exhibition

Food products exhibition in the Turkish city of Antalya on January 18-2022 until January 21-2022

BEAM EXPO, the Turkish company for organizing exhibitions (the exclusive agent of the exhibition city ANFAŞ ANTALYA invites you to attend the food products exhibition in the Turkish city of Antalya from 01/18/2022 to 01/21/2022
Legumes and crops Agriculture
- (Lentils, chickpeas, rice, bulgur, grains)
- Spices of all kinds
Soft drinks and juices
- Energy Drinks
- mineral water
Dried Foods - Sea Products
- Frozen food and confectionery
Refrigerators and freezers
Packaging and packaging materials
Wholesale food distributors supplies
Tea, coffee and sugar
Milk, dairy, cheese and its products - pastries, biscuits and chocolate - oils, vegetable ghee and butter - olives and olive oil

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