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Exhibitions in Turkey prepare for the New Year

Zeynep Unal Oztop, President of the Executive Board of the "TUYAP" Exhibition Group in Turkey,


confirmed that they faced great difficulties and challenges in the first half of this year,


due to the measures and restrictions imposed in the fight against Corona.


She added that the second half of 2021 was completely different from the first half,


as the exhibition sector witnessed a great local, regional and international turnout.


She stated that, as of August 2021, the exhibition sector gained great momentum,


as the launch was with the International Defense Industry Fair (IDEF), to start a crowded


list of local and international exhibitions that were held in Turkey.


Oztob expressed her belief that exhibitions will continue to be held in Turkey, in various sectors,

until mid-December.


She stated that the exhibitions held in the second half of 2021 exceeded expectations related

to the demand for them, especially by foreign visitors.


She pointed out that due to the continuing restrictions on exhibitions in Europe, similar activities


in Turkey are almost the only of their kind in the region.


She added, "There is a global crisis in the supply lines from China, so many global producers


are looking for Turkish supply companies, and this is what we notice clearly in the exhibitions,


where they witness a great demand for Turkish producers and Turkish supply companies."


Oztub explained that they were surprised by the large turnout enjoyed by the exhibitions


held in Turkey, during the current autumn season, especially by Western European countries.


She stressed that the turnout for exhibitions held in the second half of this year doubled than in 2019,


which she described as "the peak for the exhibition sector in Turkey."


And she continued, "Visitors to our exhibitions not only came from nearby geographical areas,


but we were able to attract visitors from Europe, the United States and Latin America."


According to the report of the World Bureau of Exhibitions, the huge exhibitions in Europe will


not return to the normal state that it was before the Corona epidemic, except in the long term.


Commenting on this, Öztub said that the huge exhibitions that were held in Europe will be replaced


by strong regional exhibitions, such as those currently being held in Turkey.


And she added, "Therefore, based on this, we are keen to seize this opportunity and exploit

it through the exhibitions that will be held in Turkey next year."


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