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The best exhibitions in Turkey

Exhibitions of all fields are of great interest from the Turkish government, according to the head

of the Chamber of Commerce, who said:


“Turkey aspires in 100 years to be among the 10 most powerful economies in the world.


” Therefore, all activities are carried out to strive to achieve this goal.


Food-Tech Eurasia Exhibition in Istanbul

Organized by the Tuyap Company, it is an international food exhibition that specializes


in all areas of food technology, beverage industry, dairy products, meat, sweets, and others.


The most distinctive feature of the exhibition this year is its association with the Eurasia Exhibition for Packaging.

Building Technologies and Products Exhibition in Istanbul Yapı

One of the largest Turkish exhibitions, which has been held for more than 40 years


in Istanbul, specializing in all areas of construction, insulation materials, elevators, facades,

kitchen and bathroom equipment.

Samsun Tarım Fuarı . Agricultural Exhibition

Organized by Tuyap Company in cooperation with several ministries and directly supported


by Samsun State and Greater Samsun Municipality. The main products of the exhibition are


agricultural machinery, fertilizers, seeds, greenhouse technology and irrigation technology.
Gamex Exhibition for Electronic Games in Istanbul Gamex

One of the international exhibitions organized in cooperation with the Federation of Chambers


of Commerce in Turkey. Unaccompanied children are not allowed to enter, but it includes many


children's activities, video game products and electronic games.
International Energy and Environment Exhibition and Conference in Istanbul

For more than 25 years, the exhibition has been able to be a huge meeting point between


the most important companies specialized in the energy sector in the world. It is concerned


with modern energy systems, environmental systems, digital energy industry methods, and others.
Family and Furniture Fair in Istanbul
It is the first of its kind in Turkey and the most recent. It includes all bedroom furniture and products, leather upholstery, sofas, and raw materials for the manufacture of patient furniture.
Konya Home Furniture Fair
Konya is famous for its furniture and decoration fairs in general. This exhibition is organized and held at Tuyap headquarters in Konya. It includes all home furnishing and decoration products.
Eurasia Metal Fair in Istanbul
It is held in the ninth month of each year, and aims to present opportunities for commercial deals between companies specialized in construction and mineral development.
Book Fair in Diyarbakir Kitap Fuarı
Organized by Tuyap Company in cooperation with the Union of Writers and Publishers. The most characteristic of this exhibition is the influx of nearly half a million people in its last session. It contains a huge collection of the most important books and newspapers.
Exhibition of Advertising and Printing Technologies in Istanbul Sign İstanbul
It provides a great marketing opportunity for advertising design companies and print technologies.
It specializes in digital printing systems, 3D printing, advertising products and machines.
Eurasia Plastic Exhibition in Istanbul Plast Eurasia
An annual exhibition organized by TUYAP, which is the largest in Europe. The exhibition aims to highlight the Turkish plastic industries among more than 100 participating countries. It also provides a marketing opportunity for various plastic industry machinery and equipment.
Eurasia Packaging Exhibition
Annual exhibition of packaging machines, vacuum packaging machines, plastic and paper bags, bottles, barcodes and glass, wood and paper packaging.

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