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tourism in Turkey

Tourism in Turkey is characterized by diversity, and in the past few years it has become a global destination
for tourism thanks to the ingredients it possesses to achieve this.
Rarely do you find another country that competes with Turkey's tourist cities with its cultural diversity,
as it provides you with natural places, historical monuments, coastal resorts and ski centers.
All of this made Turkey a global tourist destination, ranking sixth as one of the most important tourism countries in the world.
Choosing a hotel that meets your requirements is one of the most important factors that increase
the chances of the success of your tourist trip. Perhaps the best choice of hotels in Turkey is the tried
and recommended hotel from Arab tourists.
This question may come to your mind and the answer to it requires some detail.
As we mentioned at the beginning, Turkey is a diverse country and it is a permanent
tourist destination in all seasons of the year.
The spring season between April and May is considered the most suitable for tourism in Turkey, as it is
characterized by a pleasant climate, and we recommend visiting Istanbul and its surroundings during this period.
In the summer, tourists either resort to the beaches, and among the most famous coastal cities of Turkey are Antalya,
Marmaris and Bodrum, or to the cool green heights of the cities of northern Turkey.
Autumn in Turkey extends between September, October and November. It is the best time to visit the tourist
places in Turkey, where the weather is moderate to a large extent and becomes suitable for hiking and going out.
Finally, winter in Turkey starts from December, January, February and March, when the weather is cold and snowy,
and the demand for winter resorts is increasing, the most famous of which are Uludag Mountain in Bursa
and Mount Kartepe.
Now let's get acquainted with the best places of tourism in Turkey according to the cities of
Turkey and its geographical distribution:
Tourism in Turkey starts from Istanbul, as it is the first stop for tourist trips coming to Turkey from all over the world.
Next is the Turkish city of Bursa, the Green Bursa, the first capital of the Ottoman Empire.
It is a city that bears from its title what indicates its beauty. It was called the Green Bursa
for its many gardens, parks, and vast green spaces.
Bursa is one of Turkey's tourist cities, as it has many ingredients that push many Turkish tourists
to go to it, especially visitors to Istanbul, as Bursa is often their second stop, which is approximately 150 km from Istanbul.
Followed by the Turkish Yalova or Yalova, one of Turkey's tourist cities, about 75 km from Istanbul,
about an hour's drive through the Orhan Gazi Bridge, which is the fourth longest suspension
bridge in the world, or by sea ferry from Yenikapi port in Istanbul to Yalova
The city of Yalova is famous for its therapeutic hot springs, which abound in the famous Termal
village, and the city is full of charming natural places, in which are highlands, green forests and waterfalls,
such as the Sudoshan waterfall, and do not forget the wonderful sea corniche.
Then Sapanca is a wonderful city characterized by its charming nature. It is located in the
Turkish province of Marmara and is less than two hours away from Istanbul. The city is famous
for its lake, Lake Sapanca, which is one of the most beautiful lakes in Turkey.
Sapanca attracts large numbers of tourists every year and has a large share of Arab tourists who
go to the city asking to relax and enjoy the landscape
It is also followed by the city of Bolu in northwest Turkey, approximately 270 km away from Istanbul.
The city of Bolu contains many hot springs, a group of caves, and a ski center, and its name is associated
with the charming Lake Abant, one of the most beautiful lakes in Turkey.
Also, the Turkish north is a prominent tourist destination in Turkey, as it includes several
Turkish cities overlooking the Black Sea, such as Trabzon, Rize, Ordu and others.
The city of Trabzon is the main stop on your trip to the cities of the north of Turkey,
so it is preferable to live in it before heading to the cities and surrounding areas
Trabzon is the darling of the Arabs, as it is the most popular destination for them as one
of the most beautiful tourist cities in Turkey. The city overlooks the Black Sea coast in northern
Turkey and is approximately 1100 km away from Istanbul, or approximately an hour and a quarter by plane.
Trabzon enjoys a pleasant climate and charming nature. It also boasts many tourist areas in Turkey,
the most important of which are Sumela Monastery, Haydar Nabi Resort, Sultan Murad Heights,
Çal Cave and others.
Uzungol is a village located within the province of Trabzon, about 100 km away from Trabzon.
This region was famous for Uzungol Lake, which is considered one of the most beautiful lakes in Turkey.
Uzungöl is located on the banks of the lake in a valley surrounded by mountainous heights,
and contains many distinctive wooden hotels
Rize is one of the most beautiful tourist cities in Turkey, located in the north, 75 km from the city
of Trabzon and has a view of the Black Sea coast
The city of Rize includes many tourist attractions, most of which are charming natural landmarks,
including the hot Galen Tulu waterfalls, the Ayder mineral baths, Chagran Kaya Peak,
Vartina Darsi River and Chat Valley.
Ayder, a town located in northern Turkey, 180 km from Trabzon, is considered one of
the most beautiful tourist places in Turkey and attracts large numbers of tourists to Turkey
Ayder is famous for its therapeutic hot springs that originate from the high mountains,
and you can see many waterfalls, farms and green forests that extend over great distances from the village.

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