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Shopping in Turkey

Turkey includes many diverse markets, which contain hundreds of old popular markets,
and commercial centers, which suit all tastes of different ages and nationalities.
Luxurious commercial centers, containing international brands besides Turkish brands,
which compete in quality with other brands, and to know the best distinctive Turkish malls in Turkey
Istanbul's various markets are among the most important destinations for travelers to Turkey.
Far from the huge commercial centers and modern markets. Istanbul has dozens of markets
with different fields and specializations. According to some statistics, Turkey's market is the third
source of counterfeit goods in the world. There are more than 350 bazaars in Istanbul,
which are held throughout the week. Everyone goes for a special shopping trip.
Whether you are planning to shop for goods and gifts or trade, you have come to the right place.
Clothes, fabrics and handicrafts are among the most popular goods in Istanbul markets,
in general, but this does not prevent the presence of markets in Istanbul that specialize in the sale of such products.
Turkish clothes have become famous in all Arab markets and many international markets,
and the word “Made in Turkey” has become evidence of quality, durability and good taste.
Thus, you will find in almost every Arab house at least a piece of clothing manufactured
in Turkey, and the import and export of wholesale clothing in Turkey has become a source
of livelihood for many merchants.
Thanks to him, they were able to achieve a lot of profits, as everyone accepts to buy Turkish
products, regardless of their price, because of their distinction, beauty, durability and mastery of manufacture.
At first, the matter was limited to large merchants, but the high demand for buying Turkish clothes
and the expected profits, encouraged even those who had small capital and wished to invest it.
Many want to sell clothes wholesale in Turkey, and sometimes with poor experience and
enthusiasm at the beginning, the buyer may make some mistakes and lose a lot of money or fall victim to a scam.

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