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wholesale markets in turkey

Turkey is one of the major tourist countries, especially in the recent period, as it has become a popular tourist destination for millions, and we are not surprised when we find it more crowded than before, and we find many wholesale places in Turkey and are interested in providing the best known brands globally. This turnout may be due to its history, originality and different modern life. This is what distinguishes the state of Turkey from others, and what distinguishes Turkish cities in particular for thousands of years, where it has received great tourist popularity. Istanbul suits all tastes and groups of all ages, with all the traditional markets and major malls that provide all goods of the highest quality.

The most important wholesale places in Turkey

Othman Bey Street
This street is one of Turkey's most important open markets. It sells wholesale at reasonable prices and suits everyone, and its exact location in Istanbul, and many visitors and buyers come to it from Turkey and other countries due to its wide popularity and the presence of various goods in it.

Among the goods on this street are the various textiles, which are offered by many companies, as this street offers approximately fifty-five different companies. And it does not include companies only, but it has many stores that are interested in selling fashion of all kinds and tastes and to suit all groups. What increased the fame of this street was the presence of different companies interested in exporting, especially for many different clothes all over the world.

La Li Li Street Shops
This street is one of the main streets in which wholesale places are concentrated in Turkey, and it is also one of the most important streets of Istanbul in particular, where various shops, especially shops selling various goods, are lined with special prices, these shops sell at cheap prices known as wholesale, that is, no Take big profits on them from the buyer.

This street is considered a famous market due to the availability of various goods there. It includes a lot of goods that any person needs, such as clothes of all kinds and shoes, in addition to leather goods and shops that sell bags.

As for the prices of this market, they are suitable for different groups with high quality in the industry, which makes many merchants interested in buying from there, and they are not only Turkish merchants, but they are from different parts of the world, they find that La Lele Market with its many shops is one of the best places for wholesale in Turkey; Where it displays various merchandise at a cheap price.

Marter Stores
These shops are considered one of the most important wholesale places in Turkey. The Marter area has many shops selling wholesale goods; Therefore, many people are attracted to it to shop and buy from there, as it includes a wide range of goods of different brands.

The goods in these stores are not of less importance or quality than others, but rather one of the best goods and has the most beautiful shapes and types. The wholesale shops in Marter maintain their position by providing all the requirements for their visitors with high quality, and are especially interested in selling leather goods.

Al Fateh Stores
It is a group of shops that is considered as a famous market; That is, it is one of the most important places for wholesale sales in Turkey. These stores have their place in Istanbul because they are sold at wholesale prices; Any cheap prices that suit everyone, and it is called that because it is located in the Fatih area of ​​Istanbul, as it is one of the most famous places there.

As for its products, it includes various famous brands in its stores, whether for women's or children's clothing, or bridal and party wear. It is worth mentioning that their prices are wholesale and cheap, and they suit different tastes.

 Istiklal Street
As soon as you read the name of this street, you will feel that it is one of the most famous streets in Turkey, and it really is, and besides its fame, it is characterized by being a main street in Istanbul and selling different goods in bulk. It is one of the most famous streets of Istanbul, and we are not surprised when we find it crowded with buyers from Istanbul and abroad.

It may be similar to other commercial streets in selling women's goods represented in fashion, in addition to the availability of men's and children's fashion as well at wholesale prices, and due to the desire of many women to buy clothes, along with bags and shoes, this street has become full of shops selling shoes, bags and manufactures Leather too, and all of this is of high quality, even sportswear is sold there at reasonable prices.

Mahmoud Pasha Market
This market is one of the most famous markets in Istanbul, where it sells various goods at the wholesale price, in addition to the fact that it includes many different and distinctive goods.

The goods displayed in the shops of this street are similar to many of the goods of the major stores, whether men’s clothes or women’s and children’s clothing, which are at wholesale prices. This market also includes furniture stores made in Turkey, which is the preferred industry, especially in furniture, in addition to the presence of shops selling scarves at symbolic prices that we can describe as cheap.

Jawaher Mall
Certainly, a large country like Turkey has major malls, and this is one of the most famous and largest malls. It is also considered one of the cheapest wholesale places in Turkey, and it has a wide reputation among Istanbulites and tourists, as it has local and international brands at the best prices. This mall is large and consists of six floors, and includes more than 250 shops with the best shopping places in the city, in addition to being the wonderful entertainment front there.

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