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Car rental companies and offices in Turkey

If you are planning to travel to Turkey for a unique and enjoyable vacation and you are looking for the best means of travel and want to spend special trips with family or friends with comfort and luxury, you should think about the possibility of renting a private car to move in Turkey, renting a car will help you roam in any A place in Turkey away from the congestion, noise, and boring public transportation and buses, and our keenness to manage the site to facilitate the search for visitors and those wishing to rent a car during their trip in Turkey, we offer you the most important car rental companies and offices in Turkey.

Renting a good car at an appropriate price depends on several factors, and the price is one of the most important factors for many people, knowing that most car rental companies and offices in Turkey offer competitive prices along with many facilities for customers, so that the condition of the car is good and free from defects and malfunctions and the customer feels Convenience when dealing with a car. Istanbul has the most important car rental companies and offices in Turkey, as it is superior in the field of car rental because it attracts millions of tourists and visitors annually.

Car rental in Turkey
If you really want to rent a car, you will often need to book the car for rent before traveling to Turkey, because when you arrive in Turkey, you will need a car to move from the airport to the place of residence, and you will also need a car to move from the hotel to the markets, tourist places, etc., but you do not need to worry, you can Completing the car rental process upon arrival at the airport, as the most important car rental companies and offices in Turkey have their headquarters in the airports.

When you arrive at the airport, you will need to do one of the two options, either to rent a car and drive it yourself throughout your stay in Turkey, or to order a taxi through mobile transportation applications to move to the place you want to go.

The most important car rental companies and offices in Turkey
The rental cars website is one of the best sites specialized in booking and renting cars through the Internet. This site is characterized by providing the best car rental prices in Turkey. Among the most important car rental companies and offices in Turkey are:

Euronet company
Euronet is one of the most important car rental companies and offices in Turkey, providing the latest cars at great prices and offering minivans and large cars for rent. This company has 4 branches in Turkey and most of these branches are inside the airports. It should be noted that most Arab customers gave Euronet a good rating. As a result of the quality of service and upscale dealings.


Website link: Euronet Company

vivi company
Viva is one of the fastest companies in completing car rental procedures in Turkey, and is one of the leading e-commerce platforms on the Internet in Turkey. The most, and it also conducts a technical inspection of the car in one of the official agencies scattered in various Turkish cities, before delivering the car to the customer.

Website link: Viva Company

AVIS Corporation
Al Alamiah is the most important car rental company and offices in Turkey, and it is distinguished by its excellent services and good prices. Arab customers who have tried dealing with this company have been given an excellent evaluation, and it has many branches in various Turkish cities, and the customer can book the car easily by visiting the company’s official website and then specifying The city in which you want the car, then specify the region, and then specify the type of car required for rent.

Website link: Avis Corporation

corporent company
This company is one of the best car rental companies in Turkey, and it owns a group of the latest cars and all types for rent at economic prices, and provides a car delivery service to the customer wherever he is in Turkey, and this company allows customers to rent a car from one to two years for the next, and provides the option of renting a car with a driver Or without a driver, the contract with the company can be completed by electronic signatures.

Website link: Corporate Rent

avro company
Avro is one of the oldest car rental companies in Turkey. It has been working in the field of car rental since 2004 AD. There are offices of this company at airports, and it provides the ability to book a car via the Internet.

Website link: Avro Company

Steps to rent a car in Turkey
Upon arrival at the airport in Turkey, you will find many car rental offices, and the steps for renting a car are often similar in all offices, as follows:

The passport, international license and visa are submitted to the rental office. The office will ask for car insurance ranging from 300 to 500 liras, in addition to the value of the daily rent of the car.

It is preferable for the customer to look at all types of cars offered for rent and the price of each type, and in the case of coming with the family, you can rent a minivan or crossover, and if you are alone that the family is small in number, the sedans will be suitable for you.

After selecting a specific car for rent, the data of the rental contract is filled out and the rental period of the car is determined, then you go to the external airport parking lot to receive the car and you must check it well and take into account the registration of faults or scratches in the event of their presence in the car in the contract paper, and the contract is signed in two copies, the first copy with the customer And the second copy with the company.

In the event of any car accident, a police report must be made at the same time so that the customer does not bear the costs of maintaining the car.

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