Furniture Trade Show

Furniture Trade Show

Discover the Latest Trends at the International Furniture Trade Show!

Date: May 21st – May 23rd, 2024
Location: Expo Centre, Sharjah, UAE

Get ready for the ultimate showcase of furniture, home décor, accessories, and linen at the International Furniture Trade Show! Spanning over 13,800 sq.m and featuring 300+ exhibitors from 10 countries, this event is the largest regional platform for furniture enthusiasts and industry professionals.

Why Attend?

  • Unrivaled Diversity: With exhibitors from around the globe, our trade show offers a diverse range of furniture styles, designs, and concepts to cater to every taste and preference.
  • Innovation Hub: Experience the latest innovations in furniture design and technology, as industry leaders unveil groundbreaking products and solutions to enhance your living spaces.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with suppliers, manufacturers, designers, and industry experts, fostering valuable relationships and exploring potential collaborations.
  • Strategic Location: Situated in Sharjah, UAE, our trade show benefits from the region’s status as a global trade hub, offering unparalleled access to international markets and opportunities.

Why UAE?

  • Trade Hub: The UAE’s strategic geographic location and favorable time zone make it a pivotal player in international trade, attracting businesses from around the world and serving as the headquarters for numerous multinational corporations.
  • Connectivity: With its state-of-the-art infrastructure and excellent connectivity, the UAE serves as an ideal connecting hub, facilitating seamless trade and commerce between regions.

Don’t Miss Out!

Join us from May 21st to May 23rd at Expo Centre, Sharjah, UAE, for an immersive experience in the world of furniture and home décor. Admission is free, so register now to secure your spot and be part of this extraordinary event!

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