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Import and export from Turkey

The Republic of Turkey is a country that stretches across southeastern Europe and western Asia. Istanbul also includes the largest city in the

Religious shrines in Turkey

Turkey is one of the most famous tourist countries in the world in which many civilizations have emerged on a religious basis. It is known that

Car rental companies and offices in Turkey

If you are planning to travel to Turkey for a unique and enjoyable vacation and you are looking for the best means 

wholesale markets in turkey

Turkey is one of the major tourist countries, especially in the recent period, as it has become a

The most famous and cheapest Turkish clothing brands

The industrial sector in Turkey is one of the largest sectors on which the Turkish economy depends

The most famous and best 10 Islamic hotels in Turkey

Halal tourism has become the focus of the talk of many Muslim tourists, whether they are Arabs or foreigners,

Record numbers in the tourism sector in Turkey for the year 2022

Firuz Bagli Kaya, President of the Association of Turkish Travel Agencies, said that tourist bookings from

The best markets you can visit in Turkey

There is no doubt that shopping is an essential part of any tourist trip, whether it is medical

Istanbul Furniture Fair is one of the biggest trade fairs

Turkey is a leading country in the field of furniture, so furniture and furnishing exhibitions in Turkey are

Exhibitions in Turkey prepare for the New Year

Zeynep Unal Oztop, President of the Executive Board of the "TUYAP" Exhibition Group in Turkey

Turkey is preparing to organize 358 exhibitions in 2022

Turkey is preparing to host 358 different exhibitions during the next year, a large part of which are in the field of furniture

The best exhibitions in Turkey

Exhibitions of all fields are of great interest from the Turkish government, according to the head of the Chamber of Commerce

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