Organizing exhibitions and conferences

Organizing exhibitions and conferences

Conferences are a platform for people with common goals to meet with organizers to exchange ideas, opinions and information of common interest, in addition to being an exciting and innovative way to deliver promotional messages to organizations and institutions for the purpose of launching new products.

Organizing conferences and events is one of the exciting and innovative ways to deliver communication messages to institutions and organizations, whether it is for the purpose of launching a new product or service or for the purpose of collecting donations and displaying achievements.

Tasks and actions that must be taken and coordinated in order to provide and complete them, we can develop and implement innovative conferences and activities to achieve the desired impact with the public.

Since this type of service requires extensive experience in managing exhibitions and conferences in a modern and distinctive style that amounts to the global method pursued by major companies globally, BEAM EXPO seeks, through its specialized team and expert in organizational affairs for exhibitions and conferences, to secure all mechanisms for implementing the effectiveness, which the client requires professionally. And high efficiency, starting from the customer’s desire to establish his event and conduct a special study for it, through which the appropriate timing for it, the target audience, the axes on which it will be based, the near and far goals, and the message that should be communicated to the public through its establishment are discussed.

BEAM EXPO exhibitions vary to cover all economic sectors such as industrial and agricultural exhibitions, furniture, clothing and wood And iron, metal and plastic industries, food products, hotel and restaurant supplies.

The company has organized more than 150 exhibitions during the last five years in Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and China.

The company’s exhibitions are distributed to most of the major cities in Turkey as: Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara, Bursa, Antalya, Adana, Gaziantep, and Samsun.