The most famous and best 10 Islamic hotels in Turkey

The most famous and best 10 Islamic hotels in Turkey

Date: Wednesday, 05 January 2022

Halal tourism has become the focus of the talk of many Muslim tourists, whether they are Arabs or foreigners, and at the present time many tourists are looking for tourist facilities and tourist areas that take care of their affairs and requirements, and Turkey ranks third in the world as an Islamic tourist destination after Malaysia and the United Arab Emirates, and Turkey seeks Because it is the world’s first destination in providing halal tourism, and today we will talk about the most famous Islamic hotels in Turkey.

The halal tourism sector in Turkey has succeeded, in recent years, in millions of Muslim tourists from all over the world, and Turkey contains large numbers of hotels and tourist villages that are suitable for those wishing to swim and enjoy the sun in line with the rules of the Islamic religion. Islamic hotels in Turkey in which women and men can enjoy swimming separately.

Angel’s Peninsula . Hotel
The Angels Peninsula Hotel is located in Mugla. This hotel is considered the first five-star residential health center in the middle of beautiful landscapes. The hotel has beaches and swimming pools for women only. This hotel is one of the most famous Islamic hotels in Turkey.

Club Familia Resort
Club Familia Resort is located in Izmir. This resort offers its visitors a unique vacation full of beautiful memories, where guests enjoy the bright blue sea water, separate swimming pools for both men and women, in addition to the luxurious rooms that impress everyone, and there are places dedicated to entertainment and children’s play. And do not forget to taste the authentic Turkish food in one of its restaurants.

Adenya Hotel
This hotel is located in Antalya, and this hotel features a wonderful view of the Antalya Sea and the village within the forests, and the hotel has large green spaces. Swimming pools close to the beach filled with sea water, and there is a Jacuzzi.

Sah Inn Paradise
This hotel is located in Antalya, and is characterized by its vast area and offers various forms of natural beauty in the Koluga region, where it is a wonderful mixture of nature and the sea. For children together and for children only.

Şah Inn Paradise İslami Otel'de 5% İndirim Fırsatı | HFD Tur

Caprice Thermal Palace Hotel
This hotel is located in Aydin, and guarantees guests a different holiday, as it includes many swimming pools and thousands of diverse plants and palm trees that have the characteristics of the Mediterranean region.

Bera Alanya Hotel
This hotel is located in Alanya, and is famous for its elegant design, golden sands and clear waters, in addition to the wonderful view of the sea, and this hotel is one of the most famous Islamic hotels in Turkey, and this hotel provides services to ladies only.

Inanc Hotel
This hotel is located in Bodrum. Many of those interested in Islamic hotels know that hotels have been opened on the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts, starting from Cesme to Antalya. Its guests have a special holiday, especially when riding one of the hotel’s private boats.

Hotel Mavi Deniz
It provides its guests with great opportunities to wander among the charming nature, blue waves and soft sand. Guests can also practice many non-mixed sports activities such as swimming, skiing, windsurfing, and clean beaches. The possibility of practicing snorkeling, whether men or women, and provides female trainers to train women as it helps Guests can discover the magic of nature, according to the origins of Islam.

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